Would You Walk Around Your Business Barefoot?

If the answer to the question above is “Ummm … no,” don’t feel bad. Unless you own a gym, there probably isn’t much need to walk around in your bare feet anyway.

Still, why shouldn’t you be able to walk around barefoot?


A customer-facing office or waiting room is one of the most important areas in your business. The impression your customers have of you based on their comfort level could make or break you.

If you want to know how your customers feel about the cleanliness of these areas, just tell them to make themselves at home. Then watch what happens.

Do they frown when they look at the chairs? Do they look a little too long at the carpet? Do they look at their fingers after they touch something?

This is a good indication you’ve got to do something to improve your customer’s experience.


Of course, your staff is every bit as important as your customers for the health of your business, and they occupy all the non-customer-facing areas, too.

The problem is, staff don’t always give you the same amount of feedback that customers do. When people spend a lot of time somewhere they often get used to their surroundings, even if they’re not up to par.

But there is one time that your staff will definitely pay extra attention to the cleanliness of their environment: when somebody gets sick. Suddenly, everybody’s paying a whole lot more attention to what they touch and asking themselves, “How often does this get cleaned?”


Keeping your offices and waiting rooms impeccably clean is essential to the health of your business. Any turnoff related to a lack of cleanliness will stick with customers far more than the benefits you offer. And any discomfort your staff feels will affect their ability to serve your customers well.

Worse, customers and staff who get sick because of germs they picked up at your business – or think they picked up at your business – kills your business.

Flu viruses can survive on a surface up to 24 hours if not killed. Cold viruses can last for more than a week, and certain bacteria such as the one that causes MRSA can survive for days to weeks.


So be hospitable to everyone. Have a regular cleaning regimen with high quality products and stick with it. Let people see you cleaning to put them at ease. It may even help to show them the products you use.

Don’t give them a reason to worry. Give them every reason to feel warm, welcome … and healthy.

They might even want to kick off their shoes.

CLEAN Challenge: One day this week, every time you touch a surface ask yourself, “Does this get cleaned regularly?” How many things do you think you touch in a day? Post your response below.

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