This Valentine’s Day, Show Your Staff You Care About Them – from Head to Toe

Do you know what your team really wants this Valentine’s Day? Chocolate’s a good start, but we guarantee there’s something they want even more.

They want to be comfortable! They spend enough time working, it’s only natural to want the peace of mind of knowing they work in a sanitary, people-friendly environment.

Here are five ways to show them how much you care this V-day:

  1. Spare their NOSES by dusting thoroughly.

How confident are you that if you ran your fingers over the surfaces in your business with a white glove it would stay white? Yeah, that’s what we thought.

When you’re done, look up. If you see cobwebs it’s a sure sign you’re not dusting thoroughly enough. Go high and low, at least once a week. If your employees are still sneezing, at least you know it’s not from a lack of duster use.

  1. Kill viruses before they reach the CHEST.

Provide disinfectant and encourage your people to use it around the office, especially when someone is coughing. Cold viruses can survive on a surface for a long time if left to thrive.

  1. Kill bacteria before it reaches the STOMACH.

Hopefully if anyone gets nauseous this month it will be because they ate too much candy, not because of what was on their hands when they ate it. Make sure the soap and surface cleaners you provide are antibacterial.

Ever drop food on the floor, and pick it up fast hoping there’s no bacteria on it? Researchers have bad news for you: if there’s bacteria on the floor, the transfer to the food is immediate. Yeah. Better make sure that solution you’re mopping with is antibacterial too.

  1. Spare their BUTTS with some decent TP, for crying out loud.

Nobody likes the feeling of harsh, crinkly tissue paper … down there. You might as well give them a Valentine’s Day card to scrape with.

Nothing says professional love like two-ply.

  1. Give them confidence in what’s below their FEET.

Antibacterial solutions for mopping are great for hard floors, but that won’t stop your carpets from getting filthy. Vacuuming is a must but people can’t always tell when a commercial carpet has been vacuumed.

How will they know you care? Spot removers, of course. Vacuum all you want, but if employees are staring at that soda stain until retirement they’re never going to feel comfortable.

So this year, try throwing a duster, a couple disinfectants, some carpet spot wipes and maybe even a nice thick roll of TP into that holiday gift basket along with those chocolates.

It will be their best Valentine’s Day ever.

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