5 Reasons to Switch to Non-Alcoholic Foam Sanitizer

If children ever set foot in your business/organization from day to day (we’re talking to you, schools, hospitals, family restaurants), pay attention. You may love the ease of using hand sanitizer in a pinch, but there’s a better way to kill those germs.

Here’s why it’s time to get foamy:

  1. It’s safer for children and works just as well.

You might not be aware that, according to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 65,000 children between 6 and 12 ingested hand sanitizer with alcohol between 2011 and 2014. About 6,000 of these kids said they drank it on purpose.

Why? Sometimes to get drunk because they knew it had alcohol in it, other times just because it looked good. Either way these kids are getting enough alcohol in their system to make them dangerously sick.

The simple solution is to switch to non-alcoholic foam that works just as well. Deb-Stoko says their non-alcoholic foam kills up to 99.99% of “many common germs in 30 seconds,” virtually the same as alcohol-based sanitizers.

  1. Kids are more likely to use it.

Foam is fun! You can encourage not just sanitizer use but handwashing with soap by going foamy across the board.

  1. It’s less messy.

Foam doesn’t leak from dispensers like traditional liquid sanitizers and soaps do. Your customers and your staff – especially your cleaning staff – will appreciate not having to deal with pools of soapy mess on the floor or counter after every use by adults and children alike.

  1. It won’t dry out your hands.

Alcohol dehydrates you, whether you’re drinking it in a beverage or putting it on your hands. Going non-alcoholic is an easy way to prevent dry, itchy skin. This is especially important in the colder months when your skin is more likely to dry up in low humidity anyway.

As annoying as it is to deal with irritated skin, anyone with kids knows how valuable it is to avoid giving your kid something to whine about. (Right? Right.)

  1. It’s more cost effective.

Non-alcoholic sanitizer can cost as much as 24% less than alcohol-based sanitizer. When you’re buying in bulk for all those hands, big and little, going through your workplace, that makes a big difference in your bottom line.

Give it some thought before you place your next order. Want to learn more? Just ask.

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