399 Hours of Your Life Gone, and 3 Steps to Getting Some Back

Shopping is fun. Who hasn’t enjoyed hours trying on fun shoes you can’t afford until you make your practical choice, or played video games on the biggest TV in the store for half a day before picking up that computer mouse you went out for?

But that’s shopping for fun. There’s a big difference between that and what we spend most of our time actually doing.


A few years back a market research firm called OnePoll.com discovered that female shoppers spend nearly 400 hours a year in the stores. That’s nearly 17 full days over 301 shopping trips.

That’s women, though … what about men?


It turns out men spend even more time shopping. According to another study, men spend about an extra half an hour a week on average and go to more stores than women. (They also spend more money. Let that challenge your gender stereotypes!)

So if we can agree we all spend lots of time shopping in stores, let’s break down the numbers and ask, are we enjoying ourselves? While a chunk of that is spent shopping for fun (books, gifts, window shopping), a lot isn’t.

CLOTHING: Might be fun at 100+ hours, but not when you’re shopping for the kids. That’s rarely a pleasure.

GROCERIES: Nothing exciting about spending 95 hours per year picking up food.

TOILETRIES: These items definitely don’t blow anyone’s hats off. Buying the boring stuff we all need accounts for 17 ½ hours out of your year.


17 ½ doesn’t seem like much, unless you think of how else you could use those hours. What if you could spend that time doing the fun kind of shopping? Or visiting friends you don’t get to see very often? Or catching up on sleep? (Remember SLEEP?)

Now those hours seem precious, don’t they?

Here’s how you get them back.

Step 1: Make a “boring stuff” shopping list.

Write down household items like:

Step 2: Buy in bulk online.

Save time and money. Put all the stuff you need for a couple months in the cart at a reduced cost and hit submit.

Step 3: Order locally.

Don’t pay for shipping if you don’t have to! Dalton & Co. ships throughout Delaware County for free, and offers competitive bulk shipping rates everywhere else.


This is one of the easiest ways to simplify your life and free up your time. Why not?

To all our current delivery customers in Delaware County and surrounding areas, thank you for your patronage. We’re delighted to give you your 17 ½ hours back!

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